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Questioning Obama's judgment latest talking point

Reported by Chrish - March 14, 2008 -

Eliot Spitzer must be relieved that today an inflammatory montage of video clips of Barack Obama's pastor, Jeremiah Wright, have drawn attention from his sex scandal and the press has some political red meat. Bill O'Reilly played the lengthy segment and then hosted Juan Williams and Political Science Professor Wendy Schiller.

After playing the clip within his Talking Points Memo, O'Reilly concluded "That kind of extreme rhetoric, the kind that Wright traffics in, is only acceptable to the far left." This statement perfectly exemplifies O'Reilly's blind ideology and willingness to smear people with liberal politics. He has identified so many people as "far left" that the words have lost any power they may have had, much as he's overused the Nazi card.

Williams believes that this is a problem for Obama. Obama, he claims, used Wright when he was establishing himself as an "authentically black" person when he moved to Chicago, and now that he's campaigning at a different level on the national stage he has to distance himself from Wright.

Schiller introduced the idea that Obama is trumpeting his "judgment" because he does not have the experience of Clinton or McCain, so his "judgment" of who he associates with is fair game.

O'Reilly (who loves the hypothetical even as he claims in the newest ad "We use facts here, only facts") appointed them both advisors to Obama's campaign and asked what they'd recomment he do. The campaign in reality has issued statements of Obama's disagreements with Wright, but, as Schiller has pointed out, it's about judgment.

Williams said it will be tough: Obama can't turn his back on Wright and his supporters because he speaks to the pain of being black in America. Obama should disavow Wright, say he's wrong, and say that he (Obama) is no longer under the influence of Wright. Williams wondered if the press will hold Obama accountable, and O'Reilly hastened to say that they won't - the left-wing press, of course.

Schiller advised that Obama should change the subject, and O'Reilly immediately started arguing with her. He summarized that Obama needs to be pro-active, talk about it, and be aggressive.

Of course that would serve his purpose of further fomenting discontent in in the Demcoratic face-off, which is good for ratings. Expect Obama's judgment to be attacked, with this association as ammo, in coming days. But don't expect similar scrutiny of John McCain's endorsement by John Hagee.