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FOX Message Machine Works Overtime Clobbering Obama

Reported by Deborah - March 14, 2008 -

America's Election HQ today, 3/14/08. might have been called The Obama and his Pastor Hour. Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer were completely focused on destroying Barack Obama's image bringing on one guest after another to give their opinion on Obama's relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, retiring Pastor of Barack Obama's Church. Megyn Kelly was openly surprised upon learning that a new Rasmussen Poll gives Obama an 8 point lead over Clinton commenting that she's interested to see how the story will affect the poll numbers.

The parade of messengers hammered away at viewers trying to portray Obama as a dangerous radical who has been hiding his true self from the voters. The Senators official statement today denouncing Rev. Wright's comments was seen as meaningless as the vultures continued feeding on the story.

Bill Hemmer asked Rev. Dwight Hopkins, " What would draw Obama to the church?" Hopkins told him that about the positive work being done there helping the poor and people with aids and tried to convey the atmosphere of warmth and love in the congregation. Hemmer wanted to know how Hopkins reacted to Wrights comments about 9/11 especially since the comments were made when the " wounds were raw." Hopkins explained that everyone was in shock.

Michael Reagan took his turn saying it was great watching the "implosion" of Democrats. He claimed the Left isn't denouncing Wright's comments because they agree with them and wondered why Obama didn't walk out of the church.

Then it was time for Ralph Reed and Bill Hemmer to plant a seed of destruction.Hemmer noted that Obama's church now has 8000 members and wondered if this thinking was happening in other African American churchs.

Reed responded with, " Maybe this is some new paranoid expression in the African American experience" He added that it was " alien to anything" he had seen and "outside the mainstream"
Reed reminded viewers that Wright was still on the campaign and had not resigned or been fired.

Jeff Goldblatt brought some new meat for the vultures. He had brand new comments from Wright never before heard .These were about Israel from a sermon in 2002 where he called Israel " a dirty word" and promoted the connection between 9/11 and the Israel/ Palestine conflict.

comment: I could only take it for 40 minutes and left when they started the obligatory Ashley Dupree segment. However it's clear to me that it's 2004 all over again and we had better unite and fight them,not each other.