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Oooops, They did it again: Republican aide uses Obama's middle name -- AGAIN

Reported by Donna - March 13, 2008 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith regarding how a radio talk show host and aide of GOP candidate John McCain called Barack Obama by his middle name 'Hussein.' which Smith convenietly forgot to talk about and only used 'Democratic samples.'

Kelly Bingel, frequent Fox Democratic strateigst who said that a radio host had called Barack Hussein Obama, after correcting Smith who just brought up Democratic examples. Smith said, "I was going to say that." Comment: Yeah, right, good thing Bingel was quick.

Now we can see if this happened once or twice but this is something continuous on Fox.

Now we know the old saying, say something once and I'm a fool. Two times and ... well you know the rest ... it's a classic Bushism. Anyway, repeat something enough times and you begin to believe it. To do this is to infer that Barack's middle name sounds very Islamic and is repeated over talk radio.

It seems that this is never going to end and Barack is inferred to be Muslim when the truth of the matter is that he is a devout Christian.

Comments: How much longer do we have to continue to hear this before it becomes another truth\lie like Saddam was connected to 9/11. or that weapons of mass destruction were the reason for going to war. or that Iraq was a direct threat to the United States? Or how about that nuclear weapon making. Until they're still repeated today 5 years after the war based on lies was begun?

It looks like McCain is going to run the same dirty politics game played against him by Bush in 2000. Hey, it worked for Bush against McCain. It was inferred that McCain had an illegitmate African American baby.

I guess that Republican dirty politics is going to go on just like it did the last two presidential election.

But the American public seems to be sick of it this time around. Let's see how many more times we're going to hear this.