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Mancow conflates Mrs. Spitzer with prostitute, calls Hillary Clinton "Satan in a pantsuit"

Reported by Chrish - March 13, 2008 -

Man-Cow, the obnoxious radio host, was a guest this morning 3/13/08 on FOX and Friends First. Ironically he charged that Hillary Clinton is known by the company she keeps, alleging she had contemplated Eliot Spitzer as a possible running mate should she win the Democratic nomination; the same could be said of FOX News, who allowed him to spew his hate on a national "news" broadcast.

He had a hopeful start to his rants, saying maybe it's time we grew up and acknowledge that powerful men fool around, and people smoke marijuana (referring to the news that Dawn Wells, a.k.a. MaryAnn from Gilligan's Island, was sentenced for reckless driving allegedly stemming from smoking pot). They hypocrisy of the phony disdain sickens him and his following.

He called Spitzer a "close-eyed, insipid little jerk" which got a loud laugh from co-host Judge Andrew Napolitano, and accused Spitzer of going after shows that were not "left wing enough" after Janet Jackson exposed herself during SuperBowl.

"So good-bye Eliot Spitzer, you big phony, and that wife is a sham standing there; she's the one telling him 'oh, keep fighting, keep fighting.' You wonder who the real prostitute is, folks, dontcha? That woman standing next to him, or the one he hired. These people make me sick"

Ooh, he was hideous with anger and hate. Napolitano and Alisyn Camerota briefly protested but he steamrolled on about sanctimonious hypocrites making him sick - with no trace of irony.

He claimed he had sympathy for Silda Spitzer, being "drug out like this," though he has more sympathy for the children. But as FOX is reporting, she's the one saying "you fight this, I want that power, you stay in office, Eliot, you bring home the bacon. I don't have a whole lot of pity for her." Obviously, he has hatred and contempt. Camerota said it wouldn't be her; what's the point? She's humiliated and all the world can see her pain.

As all things do in right-wing-world, the discussion turned to the Clintons. Hillary has expressed sympathy but did not comment further. Man-Cow got another laugh from the Judge by stating "ABC - Anyone But Clinton." He called her "Satan in a pantsuit" and said every day she does something vile. (This is too rich coming from a guy who seconds earlier said he was sickened by hypocrisy.) He said, regarding Clinton and Spitzer, "...she's with this dirtbag. My mom used to say you can judge a man by the company he keeps...Hillary...is surrounded by crooks!"

Yes, we can judge FOX by the guests and commentators they have on repeatedly: Dick Morris, Tom DeLay, Karl Rove, Oliver North, Charles Nash, Robert Novak, Bill Kristol, Robert Lichter, Ann Coulter, Bernard Kerik, Mike Gallagher, Bill Cunningham, David Hunt, Bill Cowan, etc, etc, etc.