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Hannity Still Has Not Denounced His White Supremacist Pal Yet Continues To Attack Obama Because His Pastor Associates With Louis Farrakhan

Reported by Ellen - March 13, 2008 -

Sean Hannity mounted his hypocritical high horse again last night (3/12/08) on Hannity & Colmes as he sallied forth on yet another attack on Barack Obama’s pastor and, by extension, Obama, for not distancing himself enough from the pastor’s association with Louis Farrakhan. With Hanctimonious acrimony, Hannity vowed, “We will continue to expose this until someone in the mainstream media has the courage to take this on.” Meanwhile, we have yet to hear Hannity denounce his old pal, white supremacist Hal Turner, who has recently threatened to assassinate Obama. Furthermore, one of the guests siding with Hannity was Kate Obenshain, former aide to George Allen, who lost what was supposed to be an easy re-election in 2006 after a slew of allegations of racism hit the media. With video.

The discussion began with a clip of Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, preaching what was, apparently, something that was supposed to seem anti-white or disturbing to Hannity & Colmes viewers: “Barack knows what it means to be a black man living in a country and a culture that’s controlled by rich, white people. Hillary can never know that. Hillary ain’t never been called a nigger.”

I found it entirely unobjectionable and unremarkable. But in another mockery of its “We report, you decide” motto, the graphic on the screen read, “Obama’s Minister exposed.”

Naturally, Pastor Wright and his congregation must be extremely proud of Obama. I wouldn’t be surprised if the pastors of the other candidates were talking up their congregants, too, but “fair and balanced” FOX News has not recorded any of their statements.

It’s hard for me to imagine that Obama’s pastor’s words or activities are going to resonate the way the Swift Boat Vets did in 2004 but if not, it won’t be for Hannity’s lack of trying. He declared, “I will not let up on this issue… If his pastor went to Libya, Tripoli, with Louis Farrakhan, a virulent anti-Semitic racist. His church gave a lifetime achievement award to Louis Farrakhan. That’s been Barack Obama’s pastor for 20 years.”

Hannity’s voice rose with pride in his own bullyboy vindictiveness. “And we will continue to expose this until someone in the mainstream media has the courage to take this on!”

Oh, really? Well, guess what! I’m going to continue to expose Hannity’s bigotry, his DIRECT association with white supremacist Turner, who is currently under investigation for threatening to assassinate Obama, and Hannity’s failure to denounce that association.

The unbalanced panel consisted of two Republicans and one Democrat. The first guest to speak was Republican Jeanine Pirro. Unfortunately for Hannity, Pirro did not find this a subject worthy of continual attention. “Here’s the bottom line,” she told Hannity. “We can’t all be responsible for what people, other people say… You know, I would venture a guess that a lot of people who go to churches or synagogues, you know, don’t agree with everything their preachers say.” She added that in her view, the issue was that Obama’s pastor “shouldn’t be politicking from the pulpit.”

But Hannity, ever obsessed with black racism against whites, interrupted her brusquely. “I don’t want to talk about that.”

To Democrat Dee Dee Myers (who did a fine job dealing with Hannity, I hope she comes back), Hannity asked, “I won’t go to a church that’s friends (sic) with a racist and anti-Semite.”

Maybe not. But Hannity certainly spends plenty of time in front of the microphone with such types. Some of his on-air pals include Mel Gibson, Mark Fuhrman and the above-referenced Turner who, besides being a racist, is also a neo-Nazi.

The other guest was Obenshain, the former chief of staff for the George “macaca” Allen campaign. Obenshain was simply identified as being from the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute. Allen, you may recall, came under fire not just for his use of the epithet “macaca” but also for a history of using the n-word, for his fascination with the Confederate Flag and accusing a reporter of “casting aspersions” on him for asking about his Jewish heritage. Obenshain also served as Allen's chief education and health policy advisor when he was governor of Virginia.

None of that information was given to the viewers by "we report, you decide" FOX News.

Obenshain didn’t let her own questionable associations hinder her from attacking Obama over his far looser one. In her annoying, nasally whine (would somebody please send that woman to a diction coach?), she did her best to racially tarnish Obama. After accusing Obama of not distancing himself enough from Farrakhan, she shrilled, “Obama wants it both ways. He does not want to lose the support of people who follow Farrakhan and Reverend Wright but he doesn’t want to be considered too close to them.”

Alan Colmes pointed out that Obama has been "very clear" that he does not agree with Louis Farrakhan and went on to ask about McCain’s association with Pastor John Hagee. “Shouldn’t John McCain say he does not support the views of a man who makes anti-Catholic statements?” Colmes asked.

“He did, I believe!” Obenshain squeaked. Hannity interrupted to say the same thing.

In fact, McCain’s “distancing” himself was a lot squishier than Obama’s direct statements. But, predictably, McCain’s “renunciation” was good enough for Hannity and Obenshain.

Colmes turned to Pirro for her opinion on McCain’s stance on Hagee but Hannity interrupted again to say that were only 5 seconds left. According to my calculations, Colmes should have gotten another 30 seconds or so in the segment but there was a FOX News Alert with more information on the prostitute in the Elliot Spitzer scandal.