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What's worth more? $80,000 for Infidelity or Several Million for Sexual Harrassment of an Employee?

Reported by Donna - March 12, 2008 -

Practically the whole show on Fox and Friends yesterday and today was the estimated $80,000 spent by Elliot Spitzer in the last 10 years on infidelity? Remember a couple of years ago when Bill O 'Reilly paid an alledged $20 million dollars to get out of felony charges on sexual harrassment of a much younger employee while using a vibrator on himself while his wife and two small children were in the house and he was in the shower?

Remember that barely anything was said about O'Reilly and he said he said he would never speak about it again? Well, not only did the Smoking Gun mention Spitzer and O'Reilly, but Fox brushes O'Reilly under the rug and Fox is all over the place with Spitzer?

Update: To answer a lot of questions here it was reported on Fox that Eliot Spitzer is a very wealthy man and didn't use state funds.

Now, O'Reilly is not a Governor, but he is supposed to be the head honcho on cable news, He preaches morality all the time! Fox News and they barely mention it?

All morning long Camarota said that Spitzer was paying for anonymity. If that's so, who do we think went after Spitzer? Is she saying it could it be someone who was pardoned before he was sentenced by a president, even one of the president's men or the head guy himself?

Look on Fox News and see if you can find stories about O'Reilly/Mackris, the young employee involved. I'm just curious as to how much coverage it received.

Comments: Now the topic is why the coverage of O'Reilly's multimillion dollar payoff doesn't get the same attention as a Democrat. Stay on topic.