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O'Reilly's New Segment Premiers Early for Hillary Clinton

Reported by Deborah - March 12, 2008 -

There's a new weekly segment on The Factor, He Said, She Said , which premiered this past Monday 3/10. The first topic explored was not surprisingly, " What's the down side of having a woman become the President of the United States ?" O'Reilly explained that the segment will run on Fridays but he decided to put this first one on earlier. Clearly, scheduling this Hillary smear on the eve of a primary was no coincidence. 3/12/08

The "She" component was Margaret Hoover who is a regular on The Factor usually paired up with Kirsten Powers. Hoover, self proclaimed feminist. usually comes off like she has just downed a super sized Starbucks laced with tinkerbell's fairy dust. During her first appearance with BOR she made sure to distinguish herself from the feminists in the 60s and told him " feminists ask for what they want even if it extends to the bedroom."

The "He" part was played by Marc Rudov who makes a living out of hating women. Rudov opened with a predictable and trite comment claiming the down side was "PMS and mood swings." He backtracked a bit and agreed it would be okay if the woman didn't have " a female agenda" but since Hillary Clinton had one she was out. Here's how he illustrated the evidence of Hillary's "female agenda".

"Now let's go back a couple of months to around January 11, where she was campaigning in Las Vegas, and a man from the crowd — and you can check this out on the Internet — a man from the crowd yelled out, "Please help me. My wife is an illegal." And her response was, "No woman is an illegal." And that's exactly what I mean by a female agenda."

Then he got into the loss of male rights using the incident at Duke University as his example.This was sure to fire up male voters in the South.

"We saw last year at Duke University three boys were falsely accused of rape, and absolutely nothing happened to Crystal Gail Mangum, who accused them"

Hoover was very supportive of the idea of a woman as president and was almost even handed about Hillary Clinton until she said,

"I think she does indulge in identity politics and she uses it as her victimization card, which is unattractive, which is partly why I hope she's not elected."

O'Reilly announced that they would be back on Friday with a new topic. I predict the topic will be about wives who stay with their husbands after they cheat like Spitzer's wife and ,of course,
Hillary Clinton.