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Sharpton Explains Why Obama’s Church Should Be Honored, Not Attacked.

Reported by Ellen - March 11, 2008 -

White supremacist sympathizer Sean Hannity continued to do his best to paint Barack Obama as a racist by smearing his pastor and his church yet again on last night’s (3/10/08) Hannity & Colmes. But Mr. Hanctimonious refused to condemn Billy Graham's anti-semtic remarks. Under questioning from Alan Colmes, guest Al Sharpton explained why the work of Obama's church should be honored and supported. With video.

Hannity started with the whiney Elisabeth Hasselbeck promoting Hannity’s hit piece on Obama of the night before on The View. “He just wants to understand,” Hasselbeck said disingenuously about Hannity’s attacks on Obama, in her little-girl voice. Sure he does. That’s why no matter how many times people explain the church's precepts to Hannity, he keeps smearing it anyway.

Then Hannity bragged about his upcoming appearance at some event commemorating the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Hannity, who has “celebrated” Martin Luther King Day for the last three years by attacking African Americans, said, “I’m honored to be there and it’s a worthwhile topic and America’s got to realize that if we follow that dream, judging people by their character, not by the color of their skin, we’re all better off.”

Does anyone know who is organizing that event? I’d love to let them know about Hannity’s history, including the fact that one of his former pals is the white supremacist Hal Turner who has recently come under investigation for threatening to assassinate Barack Obama.

Once he was done with his self-promotions, Hannity got down to his favorite business of smearing Obama’s pastor and, by extension, Obama. “Should we not be concerned about the associations of this pastor, this man (Obama) looks up to?”

It was the perfect moment for Sharpton to bring up Hannity’s own associations with Turner but, alas, he did not. Instead, Sharpton confronted Hannity on associating with Billy Graham who was caught on tape making anti-Semitic remarks to Richard Nixon. Hannity, always ready to attack someone else for not condemning Farrakhan, refused to condemn Graham.

“You seem obsessed with Mr. Farrakhan,” Sharpton noted to Hannity. “What I don’t understand is why we are selective on what religious leaders that we want to pick statements of… There are many religious leaders that do great things that may have said things we can disagree with. I don’t think we should judge Billy Graham by one or two statements, nor any other religious leader.”

Alan Colmes got to the heart of the matter: “Let me ask you about this issue of black churches and the idea that here’s a church that said they live by, they’re teaching black values, as if that’s something wrong. ‘Cause what they’re teaching are family, community, doing the right thing. So could you explain to our audience what it means to be a black church?”

Sharpton fell right in. He said, “(Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright) is in a black setting, no more than when I go and speak at a Latino church that deals with the culture of Latinos or when you go in any other ethnic groups. Clearly, you’re not talking about you’re excluding others. I’ve preached at Trinity (Obama’s church). Whites go there. They’re talking about, since their focus is there, and since the black experience is so specifically unique, they need to minister to get some of the negatives out of there.”

Sharpton added, “People challenge me all the time, saying ‘When are you gonna do something about black-on-black crime?’ Well, a black value system answers black-on-black crime. They ought to be supported for that.”

I’m willing to bet that Hannity ignored the explanation and will attack Wright, his church and, by extension, Obama with the same spurious accusations before long.