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Pentagon: no link between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda

Reported by Chrish - March 11, 2008 -

In comparison to the numerous segments devoted this morning 3/11/08 to the Eliot Spitzer "sex scandal," (four, totalling almost 19 minutes!) FOX and Friends First allotted 19 seconds to the announcement that the Pentagon has confirmed that there was no link between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. The report, in full, follows.

"There's no link between Saddam Hussein's regime and Al Qaeda, this according to an exhaustive study by the Pentagon. More than 600,000 Iraqi documents captured after the 2002 inva, 2003 invasion, were reviewed. The study is scheduled for release later this week."

The story that immediately followed, about a man prevented from committing suicide, received 33 seconds of breathless coverage. Will FOX consider this Pentagon conclusion "covered" now, the "blip" as opposed to "drip drip drip" method of journalism?

We anxiously await details and analysis and days of commentary on how the Bush administration got it so wrong, and how the media dutifully amplified the lies. Surely "real jounalism, fair and balanced" will give this bombshell the attention it deserves and finally hold the Bush-Cheney regime accountable for misleading the nation into war.