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On terrorists and Democratic presidents

Reported by Chrish - March 11, 2008 -

Alisyn Camerota and Judge Andrew Napolitano hosted FOX and Friends First this morning 3/11/08. The top story was Eliot Spitzer which was discussed at length, though no new details are available. As they touched on "other news" Camerota announced that Rep. Steve King (R-IA) "said something 'fairly incendiary' yesterday;" he basically talked about how terrorists throughout the world would respond if Barack Obama were elected president.

The video wasn't working properly so the two summarized: King said terrorists would celebrate if Obama is elected, and he vows to continue to use Obama's middle name (Hussein). Republican presumptive candidate John McCain distanced himself from the comments. Camerota said she didn't mind if they rejoiced as long as theystop bombing us and our interests. Napolitano wasn't so sure about rejoicing per se, but he does know that if Obama or Clinton are elected, the terrorists would challenge them, and probably pretty early in their administration.

By leaving McCain out, Napolitano reinforced the notion that a Democratic president would be seen as weak on terror and electing same would make us vulnerable to another attack.