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Huckabee Pinpoints Obama and Clinton's Vulnerabilities on O'Reilly Factor

Reported by Deborah - March 11, 2008 -

Tonight, 3/11/08, after Obama's win in Mississippi was certain, O'Reilly asked Mike Huckabee to offer McCain some campaign strategy to help him take on Clinton and Obama. O'Reilly wanted Huckabee to pinpoint their most vulnerable areas to attack.

Starting with Clinton, he focused on her claim of experience saying she was around it but never in the middle of things when in the White House. Offering an example, he said it was like claiming to have experience in childbirth because you watch your wife give birth.

BOR brought up Clinton's experience in the Senate and Huckabee thought it was meaningless because you " never run anything when you're a Senator"

Obama, he noted, should never be attacked for his style or charisma but should be asked ,"What are you selling? Claiming Obama's dreams woud be costly, he slipped in tax increases as a probability.

John McCain, Huckabee said, went beyond mere experience. He's "seasoned". O'reilly liked that term a lot ending the segment in agreement that McCain had it all in comparison.

comment: If someone watches a childbirth, they have a chance to observe the event from a different perspective allowing them to objectively observe the team at work and the process in general.. The close observer is definitely left with a type of experience that can be utilized in future childbirths. It's interesting to note that he used the childbirth analogy which I doubt was coincidental.

Concerning Obama's costly dreams, no doubt the money saved from fighting the endless war and eliminating the tax cuts for the fat cats could be used to fund them.