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You Won't Believe What's In Your Water Now

Reported by Donna - March 10, 2008 -

It's just been reported that traces of antibiotics, viruses, sex hormones , and other minuscule items have been found in our drinking water.

The government said that the amounts are so minuscule that they won't hurt anyone but scientists are worried about long term effects of the items.

Comment: As usual Fox seems to go with the government and say it is just a minuscule amount. Scientists are worried about long term effects but , of course, they don't know what they are. Does Fox believe in science?

Sorry about the typos - 5:30 am comes early and I've been sick. Hopefully they're all fixed.

Don't forget that overuse of antibiotics can cause them to become ineffective. Brian Kilmeade said it only affected 4 million people.

Comment: Bush didn't worry about the amount of mercury in water - who would know exactly what is in our water, but Alyson Camerato said that maybe it lowered her high cholesterol!

Maybe this is why so Americans are getting sick. Do a test on water - nah - this one apparently took them by surprise. We don't even know how people are reacting to this.