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Hannity's Big Plan to Expose "The Real Barack Obama"

Reported by Deborah - March 9, 2008 -

Sean Hannity was sure he had the goods tonight to sink Barack Obama but actually he only succeeded in making the Senator look better in the eyes of his well educated and open minded voting base. Hannity claimed it was all about Obama's past associations repeating several times, "The past can not be erased." One of the associations was his Pastor which is very old news. The other associate meant to set our hair on fire and send us into John McCains arms was William Ayers, a very well respected Professor at the University of Illinois and an important figure in Chicago 's progressive circles. Forty five years ago in the the 60s Ayers was a member of the radical Weather Underground so Hannity thought he'd do his old Jane Fonda routine

Hannity very quickly mentioned that Ayers is a Professor without any details and didn't reveal that the Weather Underground was active close to 50 years ago before he was born. He tossed around the words, terrorist, bomb and destruction of America giving no indication that William Ayers has become a different person working to make positive, constructive change. Take a look at what he's been doing with his life and one can safely assume that an association with Ayers is certainly appropriate and his $200.00 campaign donation to Obama meant nothing..

Hannity tried to make a big deal out of a visit Obama made to Ayers' house when he first started in politics. Here is an article explaining the event and circumstances from Politico

comment:Senator Obama's campaign did not distance themselves from Ayers which Hannity seemed to think was proof of some sinister side to be noted. I say they have no reason to be ashamed of the association. Hannity's America is rigid, close minded and stagnant while Obama's America is open minded, curious and always evolving. I know which America I prefer and it isn't Sean Hannity's.