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Right Wing Mischief

Reported by Chrish - March 6, 2008 -

Guest blogged byPriscilla

For the last two weeks, John Gibson has been pre-empted by a Fox election program hosted by Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum (Megyn Kelly’s legs being unavailable as Megyn just got married and is on her honeymoon with new hubby Doug Brunt). The political coverage, not surprisingly, features interviews with (in)famous right wing pundits which, last night (March 3rd), included Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham.

Both Limbaugh and Ingraham seemed to take great satisfaction with the new right wing narrative that conservatives crossed over into Democratic primaries in order to, as Limbaugh said, “create chaos.” He asserted that if “Democrats and the media can choose our nominee, why can’t we choose theirs?” (Comment: I thought that John McCain was “chosen” by Republicans. I know that the so-called “true conservatives” are unhappy with him, but this is quite the spin!)

When asked by MacCallum about what he thought of an Obama/Clinton ticket, Limbaugh said that Clinton would “undermine him and lead impeachment hearings against him.” (Comment: Wha….!!!?? Is this what passes for right wing humor?) Rush also said that if John McCain were elected and then reached across the aisle, it would be at the expense of “corrupting and polluting” our party which Rush described as having “a principled way of life.” (Comment: cough, choke, splutter…Excuse me; but there haven’t been too many “principled” Republican role models lately. Let’s see, there’s Abramoff, Ney, Cunningham, Renzi, Vitter, Craig, Foley, etc. etc. And of course, let’s not forget Limbaugh, whose affection for Oxy and Viagra are well known!!!!!!) Rush said that “we’re in dire straights if the Democrats win” and as such the Republicans must see that “liberalism is defeated.”

Laura Ingraham, in keeping with the new meme that Republican crossover determined the outcome of the various races, said that the exit polls were “quite striking.” She laughed about a caller to her show who accused her of trying to foment voter fraud in encouraging crossover voting to affect the primary results. While she was speaking, the chyron read “Limbaugh says that if Obama wins, we are doomed.” (Comment: He, clearly, did not say those words during his interview with MacCallum. Fox was doing a bit of selective interpretation in order to play the fear factor card against Democrats. “Doomed” sounds very apocalyptic; but then Fox traffics in the same kind of cosmic dualism so beloved by Bush and John Hagee.)

Comment: The irony (and hypocrisy) of the right wing being proud of encouraging Republicans to “cause chaos” is rich. Only a month ago, the right wing was quite upset because Daily Kos encouraged Democrats to cross over in Michigan in order to keep Romney in the race. If Fox political journalists were “fair and balanced,” they would ask about the change of attitude; but that would go against what the “conservative” talk mavens are pushing. And now, in a feeble attempt to spin the popularity of Hillary Clinton, in the recent primary victories, they are taking credit. But here’s the thing – neither Fox nor the Republican rightwing can claim to be king or queen makers. It’s the American voters who are getting tired of the constant partisanship and negativity pushed by right wing talk radio and Fox News.

Guest blogged byPriscilla