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O'Reilly Proclaims Huffington Post Continues To Traffic In Hate

Reported by Deborah - March 6, 2008 -

Looks like Bill will just keep doing those segments about Huffington Post until someone either agrees with him or turns off his compulsive switch. Last night, 3/05/08, he did it again armed with some rude but tame comments from HuffPo that his interns had probably gathered for him. Unfortunately Mary Katherine Ham still didn't give him the response needed to erase the compulsion so he'll probably keep harping on Arianna Huffington until a better enemy comes along.

O'Reilly again defended his claim that Huffington Post utilizes Nazi tactics. Ham didn't agree with him saying," This is partly the cost of having very open and free speech on the Internet. On the other hand, people have to take responsibility for their own sites and the comments"

O'Reilly insisted again that the comments could be easily moderated. "There is hate from top to bottom on that site. There is defamation, it's irresponsible, and she traffics in that."

Then he proceeded to show his viewers an example of defamation by discussing accusations that the Clinton campaign purposely darkened Barack Obama's skin in a recent ad. Although he concluded that Hillary wouldn't do such a risky thing, the seed was planted.