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Alan Colmes Cut Off During Tough Questioning Of Republican George Allen

Reported by Ellen - March 6, 2008 -

George “Macaca” Allen appeared on last night’s (3/5/08) Hannity & Colmes as a John McCain supporter. As the video after the jump shows, Sean Hannity got about 3 minutes to interview Allen. But Alan Colmes had not completed a full minute of his turn with Allen before the music began, a direct signal that the segment was about to end. It just so happened that Colmes was asking Allen some tough questions. With video.

Hannity welcomed the bigoted Allen by calling him “Our good friend” and a “Great American.” Hannity also added that he’s always been “a fan, a supporter, a friend of yours.” Sure he has. There’s nobody Hannity likes better than a white guy accused of being a racist.

Then, predictably, “Truth Is For Other People” Hannity used his time to misrepresent and smear Democrats. “They want to raise taxes, nationalize health care, hand Iraq over to Ahmadinejad and Al Qaeda.” You can check out Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s websites for the truth on their positions.

In the video below, Colmes starts to break in at 3:21 and actually begins at 3:38 (Hannity took about 30 seconds for an intro).

Colmes confronted Allen about conservative support for McCain, given his flip-flops, and the enmity of some Republicans toward some of his positions. Noting that when liberals change their position, conservatives accuse them of flip-flopping, Colmes said, “It’s amazing to me that as long as a candidate like John McCain changes position and the final position ends up where conservatives want him, that’s OK… and it seems like some of you are just twisting yourselves into pretzels to try and accept this guy.”

“You look at all the issues,” Allen said. “And if you agree with someone 85% of the time, that’s a whole heck of a lot better than someone you agree with 8% of the time.”

“Then why give him such a hard time to begin with?” Colmes asked.

“Because conservatives care about principles and ideas,” Allen claimed. The music began as he was speaking (his actual answer was longer), at about 4:36.