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O'Reilly's pre-primary analysis more of the same tired talking points

Reported by Chrish - March 5, 2008 -

Seeing as how it was "his" hour, Bill O'Reilly was allowed to make a few remarks at the beginning of tonight's Super Tuesday II coverage with FOX's most serious anchor, Brit Hume. The contrast was startling; O'Reilly's sloppy language and bombast looked even dumber next to Hume's professional demeanor, and his tired talking points were empty and meaningless. No wonder he's not a regular on the political analysis teams during debates and primaries.

O'Reilly had three talking points (which he'll "report" on tomorrow on the radio and television): first, Obama could lose the popular vote in Texas and still gain more delegates because of the structure of the Texas system. Second, Rush Limbaugh has exhorted his Texas dittoheads to go out and vote for Hillary Clinton, presumably because he feels she would be easier to beat in the general election. O'Reilly labeled it a "sabotage play" and not only did not condemn it as electioneering, said he found it amusing. Remarkably, he did not make any connection between it and point three: "the media," especially NBC, is all in the tank for Obama and should just come out and say so, but regardless of their efforts the folks don't want to be told by the news media who to vote for. He's just appalled that a news organization could be so blatantly biased - never seen anything like it before!

RUSH, king of hate talk radio: Vote for Hillary, cause chaos in the Democratic party.
O'REILLY: "The media" is telling people how to vote.

Of interest, Brit Hume said he lives in Virginia and "ran into" people, Republicans, who voted for Obama because of their antipathy to Hillary Clinton.

Overall, Hume looked pretty bored with O'Reilly's "analysis."