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Hannity & Colmes Primary Special: Two Hours Of Relentless Scrutiny Of Obama’s Associations, No Discussion Of McCain Associations

Reported by Ellen - March 4, 2008 -

Hannity & Colmes aired a two-hour special today (3/4/08) at the unusual hour of 1PM ET, as part of FOX News’ coverage of what they are calling Super Tuesday II. But they might as well have called the show “Super Barack Bashing” because there was very little discussion of the primaries, themselves, and almost nothing about John McCain's record.

I counted at least five segments in which Sean Hannity attacked Obama for his loose connection to Louis Farrakhan (whom Obama has renounced) and his supposed connection with former Weather Underground radical, William Ayers (Obama has also renounced the Weather Underground). As I previously posted, Obama’s connections to either Farrakhan or Ayers are thin and indirect.

Yet while Hannity worked himself into a self-righteous hissy fit over the importance of these associations, there was no discussion at all about John McCain’s direct embrace of the hateful and far more powerful evangelist John Hagee. Nor have I heard any discussion about a recently uncovered email which indicates McCain may have taken steps to protect his colleagues from the scope of his investigation into disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. I've not heard any discussion of the 59 lobbyists employed by the McCain campaign, more than any other campaign, despite his claim to independence from their influence.

And while we’re on the subject of shameful associations, I’m still waiting for Hannity to repudiate his relationship with white supremacist Hal Turner, currently under investigation by the Secret Service for talking about assassinating Barack Obama. While Obama’s supposed connection to Farrakhan consists of Obama’s pastor’s daughters giving Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award (which Obama has said he disagrees with), Turner was repeatedly allowed air time on Hannity’s radio show, during which he made bigoted rants, and the two developed an off-air relationship as well. Nor did Hannity have any problem supporting and doing fundraising for Rudy Giuliani, whose former partner and police commissioner pled guilty to accepting gifts from a mob-related company and is currently under federal indictment for conspiracy and tax fraud.

And while we’re still on the subject of guilt by association, Hanctimonious Hannity didn’t seem to mind sharing the TV set with guest Tom DeLay (take a look at some of HIS associations, not to mention that he, himself, is under indictment for money laundering). In fact, DeLay got a warm welcome from Hannity. Same was true for Dick Morris (who got the top two segments of the show), one of Connecticut’s top tax delinquents in 2007. There’s a host of other crooks on FOX News, too: Mark Fuhrman, convicted of perjury, Oliver North, convicted of lying to Congress (his conviction was later overturned on a technicality) are not only on the FOX News payroll, they are Hannity faves.