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Carl Cameron Says McCain Can Beat Hillary & Tie or Beat Obama and other Tidbits on The Election

Reported by Donna - March 4, 2008 -

On Studio B today with Shepard Smith we had Carl Cameron who said that John McCain would beat Hillary and tie or beat Obama. Now, I don't remember a poll saying this, but maybe you can tell me if they're out there - Fox didn't.

There were other tidbits on the election on Studio B.

Apparently Elizabeth Hasselbeck said that people are afraid becauise Obama is African American his life could be in danger in this election. What kind of remark was that?

Today on the Rush Limbaugh show someone called in and said her 12 year old girl said that Obama looks like Curious George. Limbaugh said he didn't know who Curious George was before hand and has since apologized for that segment of his show.

Another remark that was made was that Obama was young and didn't have a military record so he had a lot to overcome. Smith actuslly had a guest on who claimed that McCain was the strongest military wise since Ike!

Someone also said that Obama was too liberal.

Comment: So, the theme today was McCsin was the one to beat and his only problem was he needed to connect with the young people.