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Another Global Climate Change denier gets a platform on FOX; "asks" if Al Gore should be sued for financial fraud?

Reported by Chrish - March 4, 2008 -

ThinkProgress noted yesterday that FOX and Friends' Steve Doocy had joined the chorus of global climate change deniers, saying "But is there another side to this story? Many scientists would say yes, but most media outlets, the mainstream media, only cover Al Gore’s earth has a fever perspective." He followed up today with an interview of another denier, Weather Channel founder John Coleman.

Coleman first described the premise of global warming, CO2 forcing, and then to counter it, said merely that he doesn't believe it, he doesn't think it's happening. Al Gore is basing the whole carbon trading, carbon credits thing, on that idea. If Al Gore knows the CO2 forcing premise is invalid and goes ahead and sells all these carbon credits for millions of dollars, then is he guilty of financial fraud? Coleman wants it settled in a court of law.

Coleman thinks we need to get this global warming debate going. Gore has all the media in the world (including Rupert Murdoch), all the politicians (Including Bush) (finally), and every environmentalist on planet Earth on his side. He said "we" need to get the scientists into the debate and getting them into a court of law would be a good way to do it.

When Doocy introduced the line that there's no disputing that the planet's temperature has risen 1˚, Coleman hastily interjected that he disputes it. Who's collecting the data? Where? Maybe over the past 100 years the temperature has gone up a degree, no big deal, but in the last twelve months, it's gone down a degree! This has been the coldest winter in modern history, globally. Sure, agreed Doocy. Not true, according to the National Climatic Data Center - but they're just part of the scam, right?

Coleman went on to bemoan that the Weather Channel has lost their way, what with traffic reports and specials. He is currently the weatherman for a local station in San Diego, the "perfect retirement job for an old guy like me."

FOX seems to be ramping up the fog machines again in time to confuse their followers before the election.