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And They Say Democrats Are Divided?

Reported by Melanie - March 4, 2008 -

On February 21, in the midst of the furor over the New York Times' article about John McCain's ties to lobbyists, Fox's "premiere business news" anchor, Neil Cavuto, hosted a segment captioned, "NY Times Piece Seen Uniting GOP Behind McCain." Cavuto's guests were two conservatives: Star Parker and Ben Ferguson.

(Nothing like having two conservatives on a panel (three if you count Cavuto). Fox fools its audience into thinking it's getting a diversity of opinion, you know, "fair and balanced," by doing that.)

During the discussion, Ferguson described himself as an "evangelical conservative" and he essentially said that while he had serious disagreements with McCain, as a result of the controversy, he was supporting McCain in his fight against the newspaper and what it had done to him.

Today (March 4, 2008), Ann Coulter appeared on the same "business news" show. She continued to expressed her support for Hillary Clinton, but as for McCain, she said he is nothing more than a "puppet of the New York Times."

Comment: So hey, it doesn't look like the Times piece did much in the way of "uniting" anything. Not only that, if Fox's behavior is any indication of how the wingers feel about McCain -- and in my opinion (hate to break it to you "fair and balanced" diehards) it absolutely is -- they can hardly stand to mention his name. During the hour on Cavuto today (and yesterday, not to mention the last few weeks) there was absolutely no mention of the fact that Republicans are holding primaries today too, and that McCain will likely cinch the nomination.