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Fox and Friends Takes it Subliminaly to Kerry, Hillary and Obama

Reported by Donna - March 3, 2008 -

The three stooges today talked about how Gloria Steinem asked if John McCain's service was supposed to be a qualtification to be president. She didn't think so.

The Fox and Friends crew took their time putting her and Hillary and Obama down.

Carlson said she basically mocked McCain's prisoner of war time and this is what happens when you let celebrities stump for you. ( I forgot, Republicans can't get celebrities to stump for them, most celebrities are liberals)). Doocy said this was crazy, she made this statement in Austin. Kilmeade said this is where she was just 4 points behind, she couldn't afford to make that mistake being only 4 points behind. (Comment: Check the statements, Doocy was talking about Gloria Steinem and Kilmeade was clearly talking about Hilary. Doocy said he didn't blame Hillary, he blamed Steinman). (Which goes to prove that Kilmeade is an idiot and when while she did sayhis POW status that she was mocking, Fox had a banner up that said she was mocking his service.

Doocy said that she was grateful that Hillary was not trained to kill someone. Then Carlson had the nerve to say if you're going to stump for someone then talk about their policies.

Comment: I lost it then. Did all three of them forget the swiftboating they did to 3 time purple heart winner .and coming home and speaking out against the war and possible saving thousands and thousands of lives? How dare they pick on someone when they, themselves swiftboated John Kerry to death?

Carlson said that Hillary immediately came out and said they always respected John McCain's service. Kilmeade got it wrong again by saying she had apologized, you have to distance yourself. Why should Hillary apologize for something someone else said.

Then Kilmeade showed a clip about Hillary being asked if she believed that Obama was a Muslim. Hillary responded, "Of course not. There is no basis for that" The interviewer (from 60 minutes) asked again if she believed that Obama was a Muslim. Hillary once again said," No, there is nothing to base that on as far as I know."

Well, Kilmeade went wild and said that since Hillary said 'as far as I know she was being subliminal about her words and maybe that could be a Muslim. He totally took her words out of context, Of course Kilmeade yelled out the subliminal word and they all laughed.

Kilmeade said there was nothing wrong with being a Muslim it was the radical Islams that they have a problem with, He also had to add that Obama's father was a Muslim, but he converted and he (who, Obama, his dad?) spent a year in a Muslim school. (Why the necessity to say this or was it just subliminal?)

They talked and laughed about Hillary maybe saying a subliminal saying and they were throwing them all over the place.

I'll wait for the apology for Kerry, Hillary and Obama. You won't see such a thing on Fox.

And where was the fair and balanced on this segment? Were there any Democrats or Gloria Steinman, Hillary or Obama asked about this? Fair and balanced, Fox is not.