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Bill O'Reilly and Melanie Morgan Sound An Anti-American Alarm for Berkeley

Reported by Deborah - March 1, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly, once again, believes he has the right and authority to label cities filled with hardworking taxpaying citizens anti-American . He even believes he has the right to authorize boycotts to hurt the Americans trying to make their livings and raise their families in these places.Melanie Morgan joined him , 2/28/08, to plant the mark of the traitor on Berkeley, California because they did not want Marine recruiters in their town and refuse to apologize for the decision.

Melanie Morgan and Move America Forward, have taken action with a petition hoping that the town will be ostracized and hurt financially for their decision. She's proud to say that she's taking her show on the road in hope of hurting other towns who've made the same choice. She believes that her behavior makes her a great American. Here's how she puts it.

."their anti-American opinion. And everybody around the rest of the country watching this has a perfect opportunity to say, hey, you know, we don't support this kind of attitude. And we are going to boycott you until you say you're sorry, until you apologize. That's a reasonable response by reasonable Americans."

This gave BOR a chance to give his familiar culture warrior speech that he enjoys so much.

"Some might say, and to the Marine families and other military people who, absolutely, have a right to be insulted, look, you know what Berkeley, California is. You know that it's been this way for 40 years. It's an anti-military, anti- American, they would say it's not, but I believe that they want a total breakdown of America's power structure, and then a different country, the secular progressive vision. So why should anybody care about what they say?"

comment: How many times has Bill O'Reilly done this sort of thing? Yet he still has the gall to call Arianna Huffington a nazi .