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Neil Cavuto Betrays the Trust of his Audience

Reported by Melanie - February 28, 2008 -

Apparently the threats that the Bush administration constantly remind us of, and sees lurking under every rock and around every corner, aren't scaring us enough. Today (February 28, 2008) their publicity arm -- Fox News -- found it necessary to resort to lying in order to (hopefully) send us running to the phone to call our representatives to urge them to pass that telecom immunity bill.

It happened on Fox's "business news" program, which conveniently omitted business news (again) today. No surprise; it's all bad. At any rate, Neil Patrick -insofar as middle names are all the rage these days - Cavuto's guest was Robert Strang and the topic, per the chyron, was, "Military Experts Launch Robotic Terrorism Warning."

Cavuto and Strang spent two minutes talking about how aerial drones and robotic flying objects put us at risk from Afghanistan and Iraq to Main Street USA. Toward the end, Cavuto broke in and said we've already experienced such an attack here in the US. He showed this picture and the date, January 5, 2005, appeared in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Comment: Does that picture look familiar? It did to me. It's of a small private plane that a 15 year old boy crashed into the Bank of America tower in downtown Tampa, Florida on January 5, 2002, in a successful suicide attempt. I'll never forget how hysterical the media was that night. But there was nothing robotic or drone-like about it. There is no comparison between it and what Cavuto and Strand were talking about. But never mind facts and truth. Fox is about propaganda and it is about knowing hoping its audience has no historical memory and it will swallow what it says without question because it trusts that Fox would never, ever, do what it did today.