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Right Wing Radio Host Endorses Hillary Clinton Over John McCain

Reported by Donna - February 27, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends, the crew had a lot of segments on the debate last night between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Of course Doocy said she "had a rough time."

In between talking about the Democratic Debate they found time to talk about a radical right wing radio host, Bill Cunningham, who was supposed to warm up the crowd for McCain. He did it by calling him Barack 'Hussein' Obama at least three times. Maybe what came next wasn't what the F & F crew expected. This was also covered by fellow News Hound, Ellen, last night on Hannity and Colmes.

Cunningham was ranting and raving about how McCain should be thanking him and not apologizing for him so he was going to change his vote. Not McCain, Hillary Clinton, "just like Ann Coulter" he said.


The Republicans are going down the hill fast. Who put this guy on to speak for John McCain and get the crowd "warmed up?" Maybe they're so afraid of Barack Obama that they're all going over to Hillary?

Then they asked another right wing radio host, Mancow on, not to speak about Bill Cunningham, no, he was on to speak about Nanny cams like he was an expert on them or something.

To have a candidate pick a man who says stuff like Barrack Hussein Obama three different times is ridiculous, and it has swift boat all over it. But for Fox having Republicans who stoop to these kind of lows is the GOP that we're used to. You know what? People are sick of these tactics and I see the Democrats winning big in November.

Did anyone notice how calm, cool and collected this week John MvCain was opposed to the one with the temper that they talked about last week? Apparently that John McCain wasn't working out and to have this right wing radio host on to introduce him was the last thing he needed. McCain did apologize but I couldn't get the dirt out of my mouth.

They also had an unfair and unbalanced report by not having a Democrat on to give his/her opinions on what this did or didn't do for John McCain.

Same old McCain, same old Fox.