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New And Improved Fox News Watch (Part Two)

Reported by Chrish - February 27, 2008 -

Guest blogged by Priscilla

There was so much “stuff” from this show to put in one piece; so here’s the rest.

On last Saturday’s Fox News Watch (February 23rd) moderator E.D. Hill brought up a CNN memo from management which listed, for use in reports about Castro’s resignation, the positive accomplishments of the Cuban leader – a “no-no” for the right wing. She noted that this story “surfaced” on several blogs; but didn’t identify them. Her sources – all right wing blogs - included American Pundit and Newsbusters. Hill, of course, editorialized that this was a “be nice to Castro” memo and wondered if the same thing would have been recommended in coverage of Hitler and Saddam Hussein. (Comment: wasn’t Rumsfeld being “nice” to Saddam in that famous photo?) Not surprisingly, Cal Thomas said that “big media” and the “Hollywood Left” have been “singing Castro’s praises.” Stepping out of her “objective” moderator role and doing more editorializing, Hill “wondered who all those actors and actresses would visit now.” (Comment: which American film stars have visited Castro; but who cares when you can bash the “Hollywood Left!”) And speaking of management memos, it’s not just CNN. Fox’s John Moody issued a memo which stated "Be On The Lookout For Any Statements From The Iraqi Insurgents...Thrilled At The Prospect Of A Dem Controlled Congress"... So while CNN was just dealing with reality; Fox was going for the right wing angle.

In beginning of the discussion about the the rise of blogging at the expense of the Mainstream Media, Hill reported that blogger Josh Michah Marshall had won this year’s acclaimed Polk Award (honors those who expose government malfeasance). She seemed appalled that a Polk Award winner was an example of “ a blogger, a blogger, someone who is sitting home in their pajamas, sipping coffee, and typing something out.” What she didn’t mention was that Marshall won the award for his detailed coverage of the Bush administration attorneys firing. Jane Hall said that Marshall is actually a good reporter and that she was glad that Marshall reported on this story. Hill expressed concern that nobody asks the bloggers what their second sources are. (Comment: On Fox, the first, second, and third source is Roger Ailes. They sometimes use sources such as the Washington Times for coverage of things like the discredited Obama Madrassah story and a satire magazine for a Fox & Friends story about a hate crime at a Maine school.)

Comment: Eric Burns won an Emmy Award for media criticism because he was “fair and balanced” and wasn’t afraid to criticize Fox. As “they” say, “no good deed goes unpunished.” I don’t think that E.D. Hill’s “journalism” will ever receive an award for media criticism because any criticism done by her will exclude Fox News. The new Fox Media Watch is a sad shadow of its former self as it is just the same old propagandistic, right wing talking points regurgitated by a host who has no semblance of journalistic integrity. Eric Burns, wherever you are I wish you luck. Your competent presence on Fox Media Watch will be sorely missed.

Guest blogged by Priscilla