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Dennis Miller and Bill O'Reilly Flatter Barack Obama

Reported by Deborah - February 27, 2008 -

O'Reilly and Miller had only flattering words for Barack Obama tonight while Hillary Clinton was humiliated as usual. Miller told O'Reilly that Obama has " everything but my vote" and referred to Hillary as a "pop eyed cafeteria lady." 2/27/07

Miller marveled at Obama's rise saying " he caught a comet." BOR praised him for a big accomplishment. " He took on the most powerful political machine in the world and shredded it."

O'Reilly showed a clip of the SNL piece where the press is consumed with Obama probably expecting Miller to make some nasty cracks but instead he said the press was looking for another RFK an "Obamalot". He added that he's the "cool cat" compared to Hillary the " pop-eyed, crazy, cafeteria lady."

After he smeared John Edwards for criticizing McCain he sounded like he was explaining his decision not to back Obama. " Barack's a nice kid but he doesn't want to kill the bad guys."

Then Miller made a comment that seemed to proved he's caught the fever. He described Obama's coolness as he was walking down a hall to a speech saying in awe, "He looked so comfortable in his own skin."

O'Reilly ended the segment with the results of a new poll giving McCain 2 points over Obama in the general election. Somehow , I sensed they didn't believe the poll or even want it to be true.