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Bill O'Reilly is bored with presidential debates

Reported by Chrish - February 27, 2008 -

O'Reilly admitted tonight 2/27/08 in his Talking Points Memo that he's tired of Democartic debates, saying he gets it: universal healthcare, comprehensive immigration reform, repairing America's image abroad. He complained that there was very little of interest, and mocked NBC for "making a big deal" out of Louis Farrakhan's endorsement of Obama. Immediately following TPM, his Top Story lead-off? Louis Farrakhan's endorsement of Obama.

The horserace between Clinton and Obama is fascinating, he says, but it's getting repetitive, and dopey! The press gotcha game is boring, tedious! When the mocking on SNL is "more interesting" than the real debate, it's time to stop!

OK, a few things: SNL has always been more fun than debates - good debates are lively but informative and necessarily address policy issues for the grown-ups watching. As Obama and Clinton come into the next leg of the race, to continue the analogy, the debates will become more fine-tuned to highlight the relatively minor differences between the candidates' views on domestic policy - but this is what Americans have been yearning to hear, politicians talking about THEM without scaring them silly. And no one was more enthused about the "gotcha" claimed against the New York Times last week than Himself.

BillO should just keep his teevee tuned to FOX and he won't have to worry his blotchy head about seeing any Democratic debates. Oh, and did he mention that the debates on MSNBC kicked FOX's ass Tuesday night? Kicked everyone's except American Idol, in fact. No wonder he wants them to stop.