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Bill Cunningham Says Mike DeWine Told him to "Throw Some Red Meat"

Reported by Melanie - February 27, 2008 -

Remember Bill Cunningham? He's the Ohio radio talk show host who introduced John McCain yesterday while repeatedly referring to Barack Obama as Barack Hussein Obama. Well, after appearing on Hannity & Colmes last night, and getting some attention on Fox and Friends this morning, he showed up on Fox's "premiere business news" show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto this afternoon (February 27, 2008).

After Cavuto aired a clip of Cunningham introducing McCain he asked him what was up. Cunningham said initially he "was not too warm" to McCain until last week's New York Times story when he felt McCain was "under attack." So, "the McCain campaign in Ohio got a hold of me and asked me if I would "do the honor" of "warming up the crowd -- throw some red meat to get them standing and applauding."

Cavuto wondered who told him to throw some red meat and Cunningham said former senator 'Mike DeWine," McCain's Ohio campaign chair, and Joe Deiters (sp?) a local Republican official. Cunningham is furious because McCain "didn't know what I said," but he "apologized anyway. He did to me what the New York Times did to him." Cunningham said McCain should be attacking "Barack Hussein Obama," not him.

As for his use of Obama's middle name, Cunningham said, "When you're in the big leagues, you're running for president, you generally show respect by using three names," like John Fitzgerald Kennedy or Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Cavuto said McCain, in his apology, "was intimating" that by "constantly mentioning the same middle name, you're making other inferences and they're quite intentional." Cunnningham said, "What's wrong with a man's name? He doesn't run from it."

With that, Cunningham ended with by saying, as he did last night, that he's "going to look at Hillary Rodham Clinton." He said he's going to meet with her "in a couple of days" and he would "go to sleep every night comfortable knowing she's in the White House and McCain, the liberal, is not because he would ruin the conservative party for 20 years."

Comment: (Fox can't seem to get enough of this guy.) So, it was good ol' Mike DeWine -- McCain's Ohio state campaign chair -- who arranged for the likes of Cunningham to "throw some red meat" huh? Cunningham shouldn't lose any sleep over McCain destroying the conservative party, it's doing a pretty good job of destroying itself.