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Fox Claims a New "Report" Says Obama Raised Taxes 300+ Times While in the Illinois State Senate -- Guest Dan Cronin (R-IL) Turns Into a Blithering Idiot Trying to Back it Up

Reported by Melanie - February 26, 2008 -

That's right. Illinois state legislator Dan Cronin was Neil Cavuto's guest today (February 26, 2008) in a segment captioned, "Obama Supported 300+ Tax Hikes in Il; Would Pres. Obama do the Same?" Turns out, Cronin, a Republican, is a McCain supporter but Cavuto didn't see fit to tell his audience that piece of rather relevant information, nor did he identify the source of the "report" that the segment was based on.

Cavuto introduced Cronin with, "[A] new report says [Obama] supported more than 300 tax hikes during his eight years in the Illinois state senate and would he do the same if he became president of the United States?" Cavuto said Cronin had "crunched those numbers and asked, "how do you come up with the 300?"

Cronin's non-answer was,

"Well, ah, you know, if you look at the record, there's a lot of votes that were cast over a long period of time. Um, there's, you know, big bills that contain a host of fees and tax increases. Virtually anything you can imagine that can be taxed, ah, pretty much, ah, has been voted on by Senator Obama to be taxed."

Cavuto said, "There are a lot of ways you can read 300 different votes...how many of them were exclusively to raise taxes for a specific program or initiative?"

Get this decisive, well-documented answer:

Cronin: "Well, ah, I think, I mean, I think the, the, the point I'd like to make if I may is that, you know, you, you look at Senator Obama and, um, he's a, he's a, he's a very likeable guy. He's a colleague of mine. He's a gentleman. I just think, you know, I hate to be the one, to be someone that's ah, attempting to bust the bubble. I just am hopeful there will be some more objective, realistic, down to earth dialogue about..."

Cavuto interrupted, agreeing that Obama "does have some sort of predilection for preferring the increases," but his camp says you're taking some votes "out of context."

Cronin responded with, "Well, eh, that, there may be truth to that. I, I think you just kind of have to look, step back and see what's happening here in Illinois." With that he went on about how Illinois is not "very friendly to business," and it's a "high tax, high regulatory state" that "lags the nation...tax increases that, you know, we've catalogued -- death taxes, gas taxes, game taxes, business taxes, liquor taxes, renewable energy, estate..."

Cavuto interrupted and reiterated that the 300+ number sounded a little high. A very nervous-looking Cronin responded with, "Well, I'm not suggesting the 300. That was not my proposition here..."

Here's video:

Comment: Hahahahahaha. (But Fox planted the thought and that was the point.)