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Why Does Fox & Friends Bash Hillary So Much?

Reported by Donna - February 25, 2008 -

Another week, another Monday where the Fox and Friends crew bash and insult Hillary any way they can when I monitor the show from 6am to 8am est.

What will they do if they don't have Hillary to knock around anymore? Why, go after their second favorite person to pick on -- Barack Obama.

The very top of the show started with Doocy who said Barack Obama "has been spending big to get those votes" meanwhile Hillary Clinton was spending big at the the hotel." (Comment: One Hotel?) Doocey continued, "What's that all about? Find out how some of her Democrat (Comment: Yes, he did use the slur for Democratic in his speech) supporters may be a little worried that Hillary might be spening too much at the Four Seasons. " They must have done it in the 8 to 9 am est hour because I never saw it.

Camerota read the news brief and said that "The Democratic Party wants campaign finance regulators to see whether John McCain is violating money in politics laws and the DNC says it plans to formerly seek an investigation today. " DNC chair Howard Dean said that McCain planed to pull out of public funds to avoid paying now when he can use the funds later. McCain said Howard Dean did almost the same thing in 2003.

Later, in another segment they all laughed because someone put Hillary's suits colors up on her plane. Monday is Electric Blue, Thurs is Autumn Brown and Sunday is Sunshine Yellow. (Comment: Now, tell me how sexist this is. do you see them critiquing McCaine's or Obama's suits?

They spoke about Nader running for office and said this would hurt the Democrats more than the Republics. They then had Kondrake and Barnes on to talk about Hilary who said she was "sarcastic" and "angry." They said that Hilary and Obama both wanted John Edwards endorsement which they don't think she'll get.

Again as I was about to turn off my vcr at 8:00 am est, their top story from Gretchen said that Hillary Clinton was so "sarcastic."

Comments: My goodness it was all over Hillary today and I'm sure that if Hilary loses out tonight they'll take credit for it (at least O'Reilly will). But, as my mother always used to say, "Be careful what you wish for because you don't know what you'll get back."