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When you Lie, It Can Be Hard to Keep Your Story Straight

Reported by Melanie - February 22, 2008 -

You gotta feel for the Fox "business" news crew. They do their best to put a happy face on the turmoil on Wall Street but I suggest that Neil Cavuto (the "managing editor" of "business" news at Fox and man, does he edit), sit down with them the next time they out-and-out lie about the cause. They really need to work on getting their spin straight.

Yesterday, during Your World w/Neil Cavuto, at roughly 4:16 p.m. ET, this shot appeared on screen. Note the wording of the chyron.


It remained while Cavuto said,

[I]f we could split to what happened on Wall Street today. The Dow was down 142 points. It had very little, if anything to do with what's going on in Belgrade today.

Comment: Oops! So why did it go down? Cavuto never got around to explaining why but it's no wonder. The reason it fell doesn't bode well for Republicans, the people he works for: "The stock market finished with a sharp loss Thursday after bleak readings on the economy heightened investors' fears of recession."