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Tony Snow joins Bill O'Reilly in New York Times, NBC pile-on

Reported by Chrish - February 22, 2008 -

Studiously spinning the content of the New York Times article on John McCain, Bill O'Reilly and Tony Snow (who, O'Reilly announced, is the new permanent sub for Himself on the Radio Factor) made the NYT the villains, accusing them of "smearing" McCain with innuendo.
With video.

Some highlights from the segment:

Snow declared the article a "nothing-burger" that would harm the Times more than McCain. This directly contradicts the accusation of smear and innuendo - if Tony Snow could read it and conclude there's no there there, we can safely assume the NYT-reading crowd, including Harvard grad O'Reilly, can reach the same conclusion.

O'Reilly calls the NYT farleft - yaaawwwn - and said they should have known that talk radio, his show, and commentators like Snow would come after them about this "anonymous sources" issue. Some say that's the pot calling the kettle black.

Tony Snow, asked "why did they do it," proceeded to speculate and imply that Editor Bill Keller "knuckled under" even though he thought (says Snow) it was sloppy reporting.

O'Reilly says the real shame of it is that the NYT doesn't accuse McCain of having an affair or of breaking any laws, they just insinuate. (Actually they just report that former associates were so concerned about the appearance of impropriety that they took action to protect the candidate. Methinks O'Reilly just wants their names to add to his blacklist.)

He went on a tangent to attack NBC, reiterating his contempt for them and then saying (swallow beverages): "(NBC) takes it, spits it out worldwide as truth... you know, they always put the question mark, ("Right," says Snow) but they're putting it in the most harsh light..."

LOL, he's talking about the world-famous Cavuto mark!!!

O'Reilly said they're doing it because they want a Democrat in the White House, and Snow responded that people are sick of the cannibalism in Washington, the sensationalism... and O'Reilly interrupted to disagree, or rather, to make this (unsourced! Innuendo!! suggestion!!!)

"There's a long-standing rumor, and you know it, about a Democratic, powerful Democratic person in this country. Longstanding, it's been around, people have looked at it, never reported by anyone, never mentioned by anyone. Easily done, in the same way the New York Times did it; I could do it. I could do it. I could do it tomorrow. Anonymous sources told me, this individual in America, again, a prominent Democrat, is doing this. Alright? Everybody in the business, the journalism business, knows that story is in play; no one will report it. So, I, I, it's a hit piece on McCain."

They commiserated for another minute about how hard Snow's Press Secretary position was, trying to get the good news out about Iraq while fighting off the ghoulies who only wanted to "hurt Bush." More victimhood.

Watch the video, including the man who talks for a living admitting his ignorance of basic English grammar: