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Fox Says NY Times Implied That John McCain Had Improper Relationship With A Lobbyist

Reported by Donna - February 21, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends they had a story about John McCain having spent a lot of time with a lobbyist a few years back. Camerota said that the New York Times is implying that John McCain, Presidential Candidate, may have had an inappropriate relationship with a lobbyist and he may have used his power to help some of her clients.

Camerota said that his campaign is vehemently denying this and was this a smear drive or could it spell trouble for the candidate?

Banner Read: NYTimes Implies McCain Had Improper Relationship W/Lobbyist

Camerota went to Politico reporter, Chris Frates. She demanded to know why the NY Times waited until today to come forth with this story since they had had it for months. "Why did they wait until now?"

Frates said there could be a number of reasons, that they wanted to give the candidate the opportunity to respond or they might not have had all the infomation until now. They were chasing a lot of leads. He said that McCain even called the NY Times, so there could be any number of reasons here.

Camerota said, "Chris, hold on a second there." Camerota said that maybe there is not enough reasons now because the story was filled with suggestions and innuendo and there is no one coming forth that's saying they had a love affair or did anything inappropriate with McCain

They showed a picture of a blonde named Vicki Iseman on the screen I suppose she is the one who may have had this inappropriate relationshp with John McCain, because they didn't really talk about her except using the words 'the Lobbyist.' She's pretty and young.

The banner also said, 'NYTIMES Claims Date Back To Before McCains's 2000 WH Run. (Comment: This sounds like an excuse for Bush, well, it happened so long ago and he wasn't running for president at the time and maybe he was 'born again' (my words). Blah-blah-blah!

Frates continued that there were two former McCain advisors who believed that John McCain's message of open government, of no corruption, of not giving special favors to special interests, was in jeopardy because of this relationhip with this lobbyist, who continued to show up at events and there was at least a worry that her showing up at these events would jeopardize his run in 2000.

Frates said there are facts in the story. He said it was a suggestion by campaign officers that he was too close to it. (Comment: His own former campaign managers came out about this.)

Camerota asked if a cozy relationship with a lobbyist "could torpedo" a campaign? Frates said it certainly doesn't help McCain. He said that he may come under scutiny for this like in the 80s on the Savings and Loan scandal. He might appear that he is a man who's not on the up and up and this could hurt him.

Frates said that it could hurt his narrative if this is used by Hillary or Obama. Camarota said, "Well, we'll see who touches it today."

In another segment Kilmeade said this might be the "ultimate hit job."

At the end of another segment Gretchen said there are some people that thought it might help him. (Comment: Is she out of her mind?)

Comments: The three stooges were at it again. A Republican may be caught in a compromising situation, so they defend with all their might. They attack the other side instead of making it fair and balanced and giving the other side a chance to give their version, say, the NY Times? They even had his lawyer on (the same one who defended Bill Clinton) saying one thing he can say is that "John McCain is an honest man."

Can someone tell me why it seems it's mostly Republicans that are behind most of the scandals?

Seems like a sordid story if it's true, why on earth would this 'family values man' be all caught up in the middle of it? Also, this might have touched the spending bills if he was doing favors for a lobbyist.

McCain is worried enough about it to call the NY Times.