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"Conservatives Don't Really Concern Themselves with the New York Times Anyway"

Reported by Melanie - February 21, 2008 -

Fox's "business news" guy, Neil Cavuto, skipped business news today (February 21, 2008) for the umpteenth time (the urgency of the elections and all, you know) to concentrate on the New York Times' article about John McCain, riots in Belgrade, and how the bad weather we've been having is punishment from God. (Forget global warming. Fox is trying to take us back to the Dark Ages.)

One of his NYT/McCain segments featured J.T. Freire, who was on to address, per the chyron, "Calls to Boycott NY Times; McCain Claims 'Smear' Job."

Cavuto introduced Freire with,

All the news, meanwhile, that's fit to flop? Why, this hour, the New York Times may already be regretting that front page assault on Senator John McCain in a moment, First, how it is raising calls for a nationwide boycott. One of those calls coming from journalist J.P. Freire, a former employee of the New York Times. J.P., what are you doing?

Freire said "basically" what I'm saying is that if you "want to have reliable journalism or any sort of ah, any sort of standards when it comes to reporting the right things, maybe what you should do, is you should avoid going to the New York Times because what this story has shown us is that they can't be relied on to tell a decent story, especially when it comes to John McCain."

Freire said the Times' reporting is "frequently tainted" and you "can't rely on it." You need to "figure out where you're going to get your news from." (Think about it Fox watchers.)

But the money quote? "Conservatives don't really concern themselves with the New York Times anyway."

Comment: Haahaahaahaa! Pretty funny, huh? I laughed out loud at that one. This on a day when every single conservative in the country is tripping over him or herself to get to a microphone to rip the New York Times. These guys are such lying hypocrites comedians!