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FOX Business Bashes Barack Obama. "Experts" Say He'd Destroy Capitalism.

Reported by Chrish - February 20, 2008 -

Note: Guest blogged by Marie Therese

Oh, my. Oh, my. I haven't paid much attention to FOX News since leaving News Hounds about two months ago. Therefore, I thought I could once again watch a few shows without having a coronary or grabbing for the bottle of Pepto Bismol.

I was wrong.

This past weekend, I made the mistake of subjecting myself to what passes for financial news on FOX - the two-hour Cost of Freedom block on Saturday, February 16th and FOX Business Network on February 18th. FOX's head business honcho, Neil Cavuto, has clearly decided that it's his job to bolster the moth-bitten, creaky campaign of John McCain by unleashing his pack of rabid, greedy "FOX business experts" on Democratic front-runner Barack Obama.

The first salvo was fired on Bulls & Bears, hosted by brassy, red-headed dominatrix Brenda Buttner. Her harem of male experts dutifully dumped on a possible Obama presidency, agreeing that Barack Obama's economic plan would result in the demise of capitalism.

Check out this laughable exchange:

Later, Neil Cavuto and his band of merry hatchet men (and one woman) continued the Obama-bash during his own Cavuto on Business show.

Then, perpetually peppy preppy David Asman joined the Forbes on FOX gang - including two-time losing Presidential candidate and failed Giuliani campaign co-chairman Steve Forbes. They slammed Obama's comments on CEO compensation, claiming that he should be equally hard on his Hollywood "buddies" as well. This was just another trumped-up excuse to make disparaging comments about Obama by implying that he's anti-business. Thank goodness Quentin Hardy was once again on board to snap the discussion back to reality!

British ex-patriate and former CNBC anchor Stuart Varney continued the hate fest on the FOX Business Network show FOX Business that aired yesterday, President's Day, February 18th. Varney made no bones about his disdain for Obama's economic plan. As usual on FOX media outlets, the person selected to represent the opposing POV was ineffective. This time it was Leigh Gallagher of Fortune Magazine. She tried her best but Varney and his sidekick du jour, Ed Ponsi hammered home their pro-greed, anti-middle class message.

(Note: I should mention that the sync between the picture and the sound on this video is slightly off. I tried three times to download it, but this is the best I can do.)

NOTE: Guest blogged by Marie Therese!