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Cavuto's Chyrons Send Fox's Message

Reported by Melanie - February 20, 2008 -

As regular readers of this site know, Neil Cavuto is famous for his chyrons, especially the world famous (not in a good way) "Cavuto Mark." Well, Cavuto's chyrons, including the Cavuto Mark, were on parade today (February 20, 2008) during Your World, and reading them will give you a pretty darn good idea of the tenor of the show:

-- "Obama and Clinton Duke it Out in Texas"

-- "MoveOn.org on Obama Side; General Election Killer?"

-- "Rpt: Iranian Nuclear Warhead Facility Up and Running"

-- "Gabriel: Iran Pushing Nuclear Envelope, Betting on Dem Win"

-- "Is Obama Using $10B Fund for Homeowners to Buy Votes?"

-- "Lindsey Lohan on NY Magazine: Soft-Core Porn?"

-- "Saturday Night Live Auditioning Comics to Play Barack Obama"

Comment: Cavuto makes Fox's point with chyrons like these, making almost irrelevant what the guest(s) has to say. (As you can see, Fox has powered up to full throttle against Obama.)