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Bill O'Reilly Tries To Keep The Obama Mud Slide Flowing With Dennis Miller's Help

Reported by Deborah - February 20, 2008 -

Dennis Miller wasn't too interested in rehashing the Michelle Obama talking points that O'Reilly has been spewing for two days on both his radio show and The Factor but Bill tried to keep it going anyway with cues like " Words have meaning." Miller agreed that Mrs Obama should be careful with her words and should limit herself to just "hope and change' and a mention of the city she was visiting.

Miller seemed satisfied with Obama's explanation today but BOR didn't like it. He assured Miller that the comment was not spontaneous because she had written it in another speech. Returning to his theme , he said there's ' a suspicion" that the left doesn't like America and wants to " tear down all tradition." Then he mentioned his book Culture Warrior just in case there was a potential customer watching.

Miller seemed pretty sure that none of it mattered much since Obama would lose the election to McCain. He told BOR that Hillary's best chance was to become Obama's VP and then try again in four years.

Bill tried to wrap up the segment bashing George Clooney but it seems Miller likes the actor leaving Bill without an outlet for his Clooney rage. He made some lame blah blah comments about Clooney's movies all being against America but nobody was really listening.