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Tom Delay, Family Values Guy, Makes Fox Appearance

Reported by Donna - February 19, 2008 -

Tom Delay, the former Texas Congressman, with his reputation for taking political retribution on opponents appeared on Fox and Friends this morning. Delay was indicted and arrested on money laundering and conspiracy charges.

Delay stepped down from his post when pressured by his fellow congressmen/women.

So, what better guest to have on Fox?

Peter Johnson Jr. and Carlson interviewed him and didn't press him on any questions. They asked him if John McCain was going to be the nominee and hadn't he in the past said he wouldn't win? He said he didn't say he would win this race but he said he did say that he did not support him. He said that wasn't the point the point was will the party rally around and support him. He said the party would need to rally around McCain in order to beat Hillary or Obama. He said that 7 million more Democratic voters have voted more than Republicans in this primaries.

They then asked him about Castro and he said he had met Castro "as a child in 1956" and he didn't like him. Delay said the same thing Bush said about hoping this spreads Democracy in Cuba, Bush said it like he was taking credit for it. (Comment: I'm sure as a child you make up your mind for life)

What was surprising to me is Delay said that there were "7 million more Democratic than Republicans" voting in these primaries.

He said the "Republicans had to reach out to their base."

Comment: So, if you need a Republican strategist, why does Fox always bring out the indicted ones who are forced to leave office? I thought Tom Delay went away. What really got me was the 7 million Democrats voted more than the Republicans did.

So, what do you think? Do the Republicans have a chance with indicted former politicians coming out to speak (or not speak) for him?

Not to be left out, Fox and Friends spoke several times about maybe Barack being a perjurer. Again, Fox trying to divide the Democratic Party when theirs is just fractured to pieces.