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Bill O'Reilly's Nitpicking Of Michelle Obama Straight From RNC Directives

Reported by Deborah - February 19, 2008 -

One of the Republican directives coming from their winter retreat in LA last weekend was to focus on Barack Obama's " undisciplined messaging". Tonight on The Factor, O'Reilly followed RNC directions harping on Michelle Obama's comment that she was proud of her country for the first time in her life. He noted that he had already spent two hours on the comment today on his radio show and then continued the nitpicky speculation tonight about her need to clarify the comment with Dick Morris and Mark Halperin.

Naturally, Dick Morris was more interested in Hillary speculation and didn't think Michelle Obama's comment would do harm. He claimed that after a win in Wisconsin they could start a fresh news cycle and all would be forgotten. Morris added that the comment was stupid but unlike Bill and Hillary, the Obamas are considered individually so Michelle's comments can't hurt Barack.

BOR, bringing out the theme of "undisciplined messaging", complained that Michelle should have been clear that he meant she was proud that white voters were voting for a black man. Then he made this extreme comment about McCain.
" His theme is that you can't trust these people. They don't even like this country.."

(What did BOR mean by "these people"and why did he say "this" country instead of "their country")

Then when Mark Halpern came on things got even nastier. BOR repeated Obama's need to explain herself and of course suggested she do it on his show. Then he got into Mrs Obama's success at Princeton and Harvard adding that she owed a lot to this country. Halperin defended her insisting that she of course loved her country. Unfortunately, the idea that she didn't was already out there.

Then Bill got nastier mentioning gossip that she "pops off" Mark Halperin added that her staff is afraid of her and also suggested that this is the type of thing that Republicans can use to fire up their base. It appears this is exactly what Repub;licans are trying to accomplish and Bill O'Reilly is glad to help.