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Mr. Fox Business News Guy Tells His Audience the Markets Are Closed...at the End of the Show

Reported by Melanie - February 18, 2008 -

Granted, Neil Cavuto opened with "the markets are off," but he says they're "off" when they're down, so what does "off" mean? It wasn't until the last minute, literally, at 4:59 p.m. ET, that Cavuto told his audience that the markets were actually closed today (February 18, 2008). And judging from what he said, one would think they were closed around the world, for our Presidents' Day.

Here's what Cavuto said (at the end of the show):

Okay. Ah, you know, the markets are closed today [well, maybe people didn't know that Neil] . We were obviously open for dumbed down, mind numbing blather business today. Ah, Fox Business Network open for more dumbed down, mind numbing blather business today -- only business network on the planet that was. [Gee, really? All the foreign markets were open. It isn't Presidents' Day across the globe. I'm willing to bet that there was at least one business news network up and running somewhere on the planet.] An hour from now we're gonna talk about the actual breakdown of the Hillary plan out today and whether we can afford it. [One guess as to whether we can, or not.] Someone who says we can. Someone who says we can't. We're also going to break apart the business of baseball. All that coming up one hour from now on Fox Business Network.

Comment: The "business of baseball." Typical of what constitutes "business news" on Fox. The show was only a tiny bit different today than it is on a day when the markets are open (i.e., Cavuto didn't show a shot of the "big board" for ten seconds (if it was down) or repeatedly (if it was up)), so hey, business news, schmisness news. Cavuto's audience apparently has no idea what constitutes business news. The Clinton campaign's charge about Obama's plagiarism was "business news" today as was a discussion about whether we can "afford" Clinton's "economic blueprint." (There was no mention of, oh, say the GOP race or Bush's trip to Africa.) Bindi Erwin boycotting a toy fair made the cut as did the baseball steroid scandal and the status of the McCartney/Mills divorce proceeding. So yeah, whether the markets are "off" or "closed" is inconsequential on Fox's "premiere business news" show. The GOP propaganda spigot never closes. That's the "business" on Fox.

UPDATE: 11:15 p.m. ET -- This post is closed to comments. It will reopen tomorrow.

UPDATE #2: February 19 - 9:17 a.m. ET -- This post is now open for comments.