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Hannity's America A Putrid Swamp Of Campaign Muck

Reported by Deborah - February 18, 2008 -

Hannity opened with the declaration that this campaign has been "the ugliest ever" obviously forgetting the hideous Swift Boating of John Kerry in 2004 that he seemed to enjoy so much back then. It seems convenient amnesia has allowed him to blame the current ugliness on his all time favorite villains, The Clintons. He attacked with a vile , ruthless and inappropriate tirade comparing Chelsea Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.2/17/08

After Hannity went over the well worn accusations about Bill Clinton pulling the "race card" with Obama with Willy Brown , he and Kirsten Powers discussed David Schuster's comment about Chelsea Clinton "pimping" for her mother's campaign. Hannity suggested that somehow this was just another dirty trick by the Clintons claiming they reacted just to get more votes from sympathetic women

Poor Monica Lewinsky, according to Hannity, a poor innocent 21 year old intern, never got a proper apology. Did anyone apologize to her parents? Powers stepped in to remind him that Monica wasn't a victim and knew what she was doing and her parents had been gossiping about it themselves. Then Hannity went to Paula Jones , claiming she was younger than Chelsea , only 25, complaining that she never got a proper apology. On a roll he called Bill Clinton ' a serial abuser". Powers corrected his label preferring "serial womanizer". Hannity did his usual wail. "He got a pass because he's a liberal. If you're a liberal, you get a pass."

Of course, Hannity will go back into the past over and over to resurrect Lewinsky and Jones. How many times has he brought up Chappadick to smear Ted Kennedy? How many times did Hannity repeat the lies of the Swift Boaters in 2004? When it comes to "ugly" campaigning, Sean Hannity is the best.