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Fox Host Trace Gallagher Admits John McCain Has Temper & Threw Around F-Bombs In Congress

Reported by Donna - February 18, 2008 -

The audacity of Studio B with Trace Gallagher filling in for Shepard Smith in comparing John McCain {likely presidential candidate) to former President Clinton was absurd.

The segment was a clear blast at President Clinton. 8 years later and Fox still can't get over President Clinton.

It was also the opportunity to get it out there so it wouldn't be such a big deal when McCain blows up.

The Banner read:

'Bill Clinton responded aggressively to pro life demonstrators' (Comment: Notice the careful word 'aggresively' that was used)

With a clear shot at President Clinton, Gallagher shared the stage with Democratic Strategist, Dan Gerstein and Republican Strategist, Tantaros. Gallagher went on about seeing Clinton's temper several times (and can you show us those times, Trace?) and showed a clip of Clinton who said to the anti choice demonstraters that "you can't name me anybody in politics now that did more to reduce the number of abortions. If this is not your ralley, I heard you." Now, Clinton said this in a speech making voice, clearly not yelling at the demonstrators but being forceful in his speaking voice.

Trace Gallagher then said that Clinton "has been kind of a hot head" and he talks about his own agenda and gets heated by that. (Comment: Clearly unfair and unbalancedand no facts to back it up)

Gerstein (Dem Strategist) said he saw that and he saw video of other places which heattended and he was said to have a temper and he was "calm and reasonable"
Gerstein said he did show flashes of anger here and there and the "people give him a little bit of latitude because his wife is running for president and there is a lot of human emotion tied up in there.

Gallagher went on the attack again saying."he gets mad and kinda defends his own record instead of promoting his wifes record, {Comment; Again Gallagher goes on the attack against Clinton even though he isn't even running!] Then Gallager said to Tantaros (Rep Strategist}
He (Clinton) goes over the top a little bit and starts getting mad while he's defending his own record instead of promoting his own wives policies? (Comments: Clearly partisan)

antaros said, "Absolutely, he gets his wife off message all the time. Bill Clinton is notorious for his temper." (Comment I'm sorry I had to laugh when we have 'the Decider in the White House.)Tantaros continued that he's been kind of able to put it under the table when he was in office but now it's coming out even more because it's personal now. "I think he's trying to protect his legacy." (Comment Give it up, he has a great legacy, you better start wondering about Bush's legacy - now, that's a laugher) (If he's protecting anyone, it's his wife as I'd expect my husband would do)

Gallagher switched completely to McCain and how he had been around him several times and he has thrown around F - bombs in Congress. "Maybe that's a good thing?" (Comment: Does it get any funnier than this? We want some guy who throws F bombs around Congress compared to a diplomatic president who spoke authoritively?)

Gerstein said yes, McCain had done a great service to his country but he had to be careful because he could cross that line into instability. Gernstein said we saw it happen with Howard Dean and "I don't know where this person (McCain) is going to go."

Gallagher jumped in quickly and said with McCain he thought "it was all straight talk and we don't like wimps in our office, do we Andrea?" (Comment: Isn't it nice what a chummy relationship Galagher has with the Republican strategist?)

Tantaros said, "No, absolutely not.

They got into a general conversation about LBJ and Richard Nixon and duels.

Tantaros said Democrats were going to try and paint McCain as unstable like they did in 2000. (Um, didn't Bush do that?) She said Democrats were also going to try to link him with President Bush (Comment: And that's so bad, why? Gotta laugh) She said that won't work because he re buffed Bush on many issues. (Comment: But I thought Bush was a great guy who did everything right?)

Gallagher let her finish by letting her say, 'So, I think John McCain is just fine. he's the perfect president (Comment: Whoops, a little slip of the tongue there, eh?), he'll be the perfect presidential candidate for the times we are facing right now. We don't need a wimp in the White House.

Comment: This was one of the most unfair and unbalanced segments I've ever seen on Fox. They use Bill Clinton to lead up to the fierce, f bomb throwing maniac. (Comment) Gallagher even admitted he did this. They're getting on the defensive before it all comes raining down on them.

They are already building up that the Democrats are wimps and the Republicans are big and strong (or should I say small, old) And I want to know where McCain's wife is in all of this? She's a presidential canidates spouse, how's her temper these days?