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FOX Advances Silly Rumor About Barack Obama

Reported by Deborah - February 18, 2008 -

Today on Fox & Friends, Kilmeade and Carlson reported that two women fainted during an Obama rally and Carlson jokingly suggested that the fainting was staged to enhance Obama's image. However, she was intentionally repeating a rumor spreading on the right and not making a spontaneous little joke.

Reporting that two women fainted during an Obama rally, a clip was shown of Obama offering water and asking the audience to give them some space until help arrived. Carlson mentioned without elaboration that two women had also fainted at a Clinton rally.However, the focus remained on Obama with a strong suggestion that the women had swooned from the excitement of being in Obama's presence.

Carlson joked about the fainting scene being staged acting as if she had just come up with the idea and of course wasn't serious.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer offers some perspective on the fainting incident and also reports that similar incidents have occurred during Hillary Clinton appearances. Despite indications that the fainting is probably caused by over crowding and poor ventilation, the rumor mill of the opposition is in gear. Obviously, Carlson's little joke was not a spontaneous observation.