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Did Bill O'Reilly Attend RNC Campaign Strategy Retreat This Weekend?

Reported by Deborah - February 18, 2008 -

This past weekend, The RNC held their winter retreat in Los Angeles to discuss campaign tactics to fight Democrats and especially the steadily increasing momentum of Barack Obama's popularity.Is it simply a coincidence that Bill O'Reilly is doing The Factor from LA this week? After watching his show tonight, it sure seems like BOR was hanging out with the RNC big boys and paying close attention too.

Jeffrey Ressner, Politico, reports about the retreat:

"Focusing on Barack Obama’s “inexperience” and “undisciplined messaging” are two ways to ensure that the senator from Illinois doesn’t get to be president, according to honchos at the Republican National Committee."

It sure looked like O'Reilly was following RNC instructions perfectly tonight. Nancy Pfotenhauer, from McCains campaign, joined Bill to discuss media bias against McCain. They tried to dismiss the AP article about McCain's temper claiming that voters are more concerned with a candidates substance Then they concluded that the media wants Obama to win and Clinton and McCain to lose. BOR complained that the media is trying to make McCain look like "Dr Strangelove."

BOR brought up a story about Bill Clinton finger pointing at a Obama supporter harrassing him who later claimed that Clinton may have hit him but he wasn't sure. Although BOR attacked MSNBC for running such an irresponsible story, he still used it on The Factor to discredit both Hillary and MSNBC.

Politico reports that Hillary Clinton got her share of negative attention too during the special retreat with lots of " low brow" jokes . California Rep Ken Calvert made this comment.

“We all dislike Hillary,” declared Southern California Rep. Ken Calvert, from the Inland Empire east of Los Angeles, echoing thoughts of the roughly 75 attendees at a Sunday morning RNC session.
“Forgetting who will be the easiest to beat, I've got to tell you, a President Hillary doesn’t scare
me nearly as much as a President Obama.”

Next viewers got to see a chat with Lauren Reis about Barack Obama's popularity and the power of celebrity endorsements. The campaign was labeled a " popularity contest" and O'Reilly was concerned about "the folks" being influenced by celebrities who he claimed " don't know much" He seemed especially upset that young people who don't watch The Factor might be swayed. Then he expressed hope that once Obama is forced to deal with the issues, people will get a better perspective.

It's interesting to note that O'Reilly will be a guest on Jay Leno especially since Leno's new segment producer, attended the retreat and made some comment that probably made BOR's heart soar.

""Berg, the "Tonight Show" segment producer, delivered an informal talk about the pride and pitfalls of being a conservative working in Hollywood. Peppering his speech with references to Michael Moore, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and other Tinseltown lefties, he argued against the liberal mindset that he believes dominates the industry."

comment: It's hard to say if O'Reilly was hanging out with the RNC big boys this weekend but if so, it sure blows his Independent persona. Guess BOR doesn't have to feel sad about David Letterman anymore now that he has Jay Leno as his pal.