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Overlooking His Own Role In Smearing Obama's Religion, Hannity Says Only The Clintons Have Done It

Reported by Ellen - February 16, 2008 -

Sean Hannity hilariously “forgot” all the times he and his conservative guests have smeared Barack Obama’s religion. Instead, Hannity insisted, right there on “real journalism, fair and balanced” FOX News’ Hannity & Colmes last night (2/15/08), that the only ones who had done so were the Clintons. Alan Colmes didn’t let him get away with it. With video.

Dick Morris was the guest for what he hoped would be a double segment of “I hate Hillary and you should, too.” But Colmes adroitly broadened the subject into a no-holds-barred discussion of the campaign in general and the mood of the electorate, in particular. I suspect that’s what prompted Hannity, his bullyboy sensitivities already in a pique over the state of the Republican campaign, to try to browbeat Colmes during his portion of the discussion.

Colmes began his second turn with Morris by saying, “There’s probably more people in the United States – as much as you don’t want Hillary Clinton to be president and are doing everything in your power to stop that from happening (Morris nodded in agreement), there are probably more people who are so disgusted with this administration, so disgusted with Republicans, with their big spending, with their non-conservative ways, with a war that’s been poorly managed, that they feel as passionately if not more so than you and there are more of them who want these people out of office and that Hillary would be a much better alternative – or Barack Obama – than what we’re having now.”

Colmes added that the majority of Americans want a Democratic president, either Hillary or Obama, “and want to get these people out of office – the people you’ve supported – as quickly as possible.”

Morris didn’t debate that last point. Instead, he maneuvered back to his “I hate Hillary” talking points. He noted that on the issues, Hillary and Obama have a lot in common. “But I think there are two fundamental differences. One is Obama has not lived his life one step away from the Grand Jury, one step ahead of the sheriff. She has, slithering through every loop hole there is. Secondly, she is a vengeful, Nixonian enemies list person with private detectives and all.”

Comment: If you ask me, Dick “Suck my toes” Morris, fired by the Clintons and out to get them ever since, is in no position to be calling anyone else vengeful. After all, he’s the one obsessed with Hillary. I have yet to hear anything from her about him.

Colmes understatedly said, “You don’t like her.”

Morris, with all seriousness replied, “No, it’s not a question of not liking her. In fact, as a person, she’s not bad. The point is, she’s a very vindictive person.” (Comment: I actually burst out laughing at my gym when he said that, causing some very odd looks from my fellow exercisers.)

Colmes switched gears again. “Obama, if he gets the nomination, they’re gonna go after his religion, they’re gonna claim he’s a Muslim, which he isn’t. They’re gonna claim he didn’t salute the flag, which is not true.”

Hannity had already had two turns with Morris. But now Hannity interrupted Colmes to say, “No, they’re not… Who’s gonna make that accusation?”

Colmes, clearly annoyed, told him, “Excuse me, I will keep talking when it’s my turn to talk on this show.” Morris laughed heartily at the disagreement and at one point asked “Can I get a word in?” But no, he couldn’t.

Colmes continued, “They go after his pastor, they’ve attacked his church.”

“The Clintons did it,” Hannity interrupted again.

“No, the Clintons have not done it,” Colmes said. “Conservatives have done it. And it’s been all over the internet, on right wing blogs, and right wing talk show hosts have done it. So stop blaming the Clintons for the negativity that you people direct at Barack Obama. It’s ridiculous.”

The music started, even though Colmes got about a minute less than Hannity in the segment. Nevertheless, everyone kept talking for nearly another minute.

Morris, naturally, changed the subject back to Clinton. Claiming that Obama is “clearly the stronger of the two candidates,” Morris added, “but it is not just a question of casting a ballot for who you think you can beat. Hillary Clinton is a uniquely dangerous possible president.” He went on to compare her again to Richard Nixon.

Colmes responded, “She’d be a better president than the disaster we’ve had in the White House for the last eight years.”

Hannity interjected himself again, this time claiming that a Hillary Clinton staffmember had “sent out the issue of Barack Obama and the religion and being a Muslim.”

“Excuse me, Sean Hannity,” Colmes said. “This has been promulgated and promoted by Republicans, by conservatives, by websites all over the place.”

“Name one,” Hannity commanded.

Colmes sounded astounded. “You’ve mentioned it! We’ve done shows on it. You’ve talked about it on your radio show.”

“You’re wrong again!” Hannity insisted.

Actually, Hannity was not just wrong. It’s nearly impossible to believe that he wasn’t deliberately lying.

So just to refresh his memory, here are just a few of the times he and his conservative pals smeared Obama:

According to Media Matters, on January 19, 2007, Sean Hannity discussed on his radio show the phony accusation that Obama had attended a Muslim school.

Hannity's website continued to report the phony madrassa smear three days after it had been proven false.

FOX News' FOX & Friends also reported the phony madrassa story, without bothering to check its accuracy. Was that the Clintons' fault, too?

On January 17, 2008, Hannity ignored Obama's denouncement of Louis Farrakhan's "anti-Semitic statements" and baselessly suggested that Obama associated himself with Farrakhan.

Hannity has viciously, relentlessly, and falsely attacked Obama's pastor in a deliberate attempt to smear Obama's religion.

Hannity and Republican guest Kate Obenshain attacked Obama for not wearing a flag lapel pin.

Hannity and FOX News falsely alleged that Obama did not salute the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance.

One night before, Ann Coulter had referred to Obama as "B. Hussein Obama" because she found it funny. Hannity made no objection.

You can write to Hannity and remind him of his own behavior at hannity@foxnews.com. If you'd like to thank Colmes for standing up for the truth, you can email him at colmes@foxnews.com.