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Sharpton Threatens Legal Action and Demonstrations Against DNC Over Florida, Michigan Delegates

Reported by Ellen - February 15, 2008 -

FOX News clearly tried to sensationalize a disagreement between Al Sharpton and the NAACP over the recognition of Democratic delegates from Florida and Michigan. In what Alan Colmes described in his scripted introduction as “a surprise twist” on Hannity & Colmes last night (2/14/08), Al Sharpton supposedly issued “a scathing indictment” against the NAACP for its support for recognizing the delegates from Michigan and Florida. As it turned out, Sharpton said he had spoken to NAACP head Julian Bond and that they were on the same page. But the issue of recognizing the delegates remains incendiary and Sharpton did not deny he had threatened to sue and/or picket the Democratic National Committee if he thought the outcome was unfair. I compliment both hosts (yes, Sean Hannity, too) for substantive, relatively non-inflammatory discussions. With video.

The organization that Sharpton is really opposing seems to be the DNC. He said, “They put themselves in this position, the DNC. The answer is not to seat the delegates that were selected in what they said would not be a delegate selection process.” Sharpton indicated that he thought a caucus or a second primary might be the solution. He also implied with his “on the same page” statement that the NAACP would agree to that as well.