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Fox News Pulls BS Out of Thin Air and Throws it Against the Wall: Says Obama Campaign is "Slipping"

Reported by Melanie - February 15, 2008 -

Neil Cavuto hasn't spent much time on Barack Obama -- yet. His main targets to date have been Hillary Clinton and John McCain. But that changed today (February 15, 2008) during a segment that was so utterly false that had I seen it on the Daily Show, I'd have laughed my ass off at what a good job the producers did at presenting something that was so antithetical to the truth.

It all began with a graphic that showed the latest Rasmussen poll results from Wisconsin: Obama 47%, Clinton 43%, a chyron that read, "Is Obama Slipping Because His campaign is Coasting?" and Cavuto saying,

Four points down with four days to go. Who says that Hillary Clinton is in trouble? The latest Rasmussen poll puts the former first lady within striking distance of Barack Obama for Tuesday's Wisconsin primary. Now, 92 delegates are up for grabs. Is Obama slipping because his campaign is coasting? A lot of people, even in his camp, are saying that.

After introducing Obama supporter Nancy Skinner, a radio talk show host, Cavuto asked,

Nancy, are you worried for your guy?

Skinner enthusiastically said, "Not at all!" and proceeded to talk about how Obama hit Wisconsin running.

Cavuto wondered if, "by and large...he's holding back a little bit hoping that the momentum that he's got from these eight wins continues enough so he doesn't have to sort of soil himself, if you will, with the nitty gritty of the campaign and a lot of debates and all of that?"

Skinner reminded Cavuto that "he's already had 18 debates and two more are scheduled." She said "the guy's out there working as hard as can be."

Comment: Skinner probably wouldn't get invited back if she did this but I wish she had responded to Cavuto's first question with, WHAT?! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!

When we started this race Barack Obama was a virtual unknown. As recently as December 11, Wisconsin voters chose Clinton over Obama, 39% to 26%. Per the Rasmussen poll Cavuto cited, Obama is up 21 points. Hillary is up 4 points. How is that "slipping?"

In Rasmussen's Daily Presidential Tracking Polling History, Obama began tracking at 18% nationally last October. Clinton was at 46%. Now (again, nationally), Obama is at 49% and Clinton is at 37%. (McCain is off of his highs too.) How is that "slipping?"

I know there are hundreds of polls out there but I am positive none of them show that Obama is lagging when compared to even a month ago. I wish Nancy Skinner would henceforth refuse to participate in segments that are designed to do nothing more than plant the thought in the minds of Fox's viewers that Obama is a loser, based on absolutely no factual information whatsoever. It's called P-R-O-P-A-G-A-N-D-A folks.

Let the games begin. Let's continue to keep an eye on the lying scumbags who want to destroy our democracy with Fox News, as always, leading the pack.

Oh, and P.S. - In terms of Obama "holding back" -- here's a schedule of his recent Wisconsin appearances. I heard through the grapevine that he took yesterday off, Valentine's Day, to be with his wife.

Neil Cavuto is Catholic. I wonder if he thinks he's going to get into Heaven.