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Fox and Friends Discuss Talk Radio Hosts And Rush Said That He Will Endorse Obama

Reported by Donna - February 15, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends they did their usual fluff and self promotion - the Daytona 500, which, of course is going to be on Fox. But on one segment they went to Mike Gallagher, right wing radio host, to talk about what was going on with the radio talk show hosts.

Doocy and Camerota spoke with Mike Gallagher and asked what was up? Camerota said that Rush was talking about supporting Barack Obama, Ann Coulter was talking about voting for Hilary Clinton.

Camarota said (with sarcasm dripping from her mouth) "they don't really want Hillary to win?"

Gallagher said that he and Rush got together in '92 and threw everything they could at President Bill Clinton and what did they get? " 8 years of Bill Clinton for president." He said, "We're not King makers."

Camerota said that Romney was the most conservative of the conservatives and he told his delegates to go to John McCain so why won't the talk show hosts follow?

Gallagher said it's time to go to the "Big boy table" and get behind McCain. He thinks that will happen.

Comments: They seemed so shocked to hear that Rush might endorse Barack Obama, but that it might be a joke.

But it was Camerota's statement that 'they don't want her to win' about Hillary Clinton that told me what side she's on.

No fair and balanced here. They could have had a Democratic strategist at least or a campaign manager from the Democrats, but no, they just went to a far right wing host, Gallagher, giving him free reign/