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Bye Bye Boombox!

Reported by Ellen - February 15, 2008 -

At long last, I think “Boombox” Ann Coulter’s 15 minutes will be up. Oh sure, the middle aged spinster will be able to play the hottie a bit longer but with her endorsement of Hillary Clinton, I’m going to wager that she has painted herself into a corner from which she will have a great deal of trouble re-emerging into the conservative limelight. Last night (2/14/08), on Hannity & Colmes, Coulter reiterated her support for Clinton, added support for “Huckleberry” over “B. Hussein Obama” or John McCain and claimed she wanted to start planning for 2012. Ann Coulter sit on the sidelines for four years? Don’t make me laugh. I’m offering a News Hounds tee shirt or similar swag to the reader who comes closest to correctly predicting the date Coulter decides to support McCain after all. With video.

Alan Colmes asked Coulter who she’d support if Clinton does not get the nomination. “If it’s Barack Obama vs. John McCain, what do you do?”

Is there anybody out there who really cares?

“Don’t count our brave little Hillary out yet,” Coulter said sarcastically. But then she added, “Now I’m rooting for Huckleberry. Because it not only makes him look more ridiculous, but it harms McCain.”

Always impressed by her own cleverness, she offered what was almost certainly a pre-prepared barb against Obama. “I am definitely against hope and I’m against the future.” She giggled heartily though nobody else did.

She further claimed that George Soros is funding McCain and has been doing so for several years. “Soros is against Hillary. He is for John McCain. He is for B. Hussein Obama.”

Sean Hannity fell for Coulter’s schtick. Despite the fact that he’s been attacking McCain for weeks, Hannity earnestly argued against Coulter’s stated position. Among other reasons, he pointed out that McCain would appoint far more conservative justices to the Supreme Court than Clinton would.

Coulter repeatedly sloughed off Hannity’s arguments with her sarcastic indifference. Just before the segment ended, she said, “The Republican Party treats conservatives the way the Democratic Party treats the blacks… They take us for granted, for granted, for granted. When they need our votes, ‘Oh, they need us for the courts… Where else are you gonna go?' ...I’m ready for President Hussein and let’s start planning for the next president.”

In other words, she thinks that after trashing and publicly walking out on her own Party that they’re going to come begging for her support in 2012? Somehow I find that as improbable as the likelihood of Coulter sitting on the sidelines for four years. And if she does come round to McCain (as I predict she will, if only to stay relevant and in the spotlight), how is she going to avoid looking like an opportunistic flip-flopper?

So once again, a piece of News Hounds swag to the person who correctly predicts or comes closest to the correct prediction of when Coulter decides she’ll back McCain after all.